Stock Machines

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AIMS LM 12.30.10

  • Linear Motor CMM
  • 1,200mm X / 3,000mm Y / 1,000mm Z
  • 5-Axis Capabilities
  • Renishaw MODUS Software
  • PH20 Probe Head

AIMS Revolution HB 5.9.4

  • 500mm X / 900mm Y / 400mm Z
  • Mobility
  • Renishaw MODUS Software
  • PH20 Probe Head

aims hb

Renishaw Equator 300

  • Programmers Version
  • Renishaw MODUS Software
  • SP25M Scanning Probe
  • 6 Station Probe Rack
  • Joystick

Financing Available

Financing for all of these machines is available from our finance partners:


  • Low Interest Rates
  • Flexible Terms
  • Custom programs are available

Terms & Conditions

ABLE Machine Tool Sales standard Terms & Conditions of Sale apply to all of these machines.


The following are wired for 220/3/60 operation and will require an additional cost transformer for other voltages:


The following are provided with a multi-tap transformer for voltages other than 220/3/60:


Metrology Equipment:

  • All CMM’s, Equators, Comparators, and Video Systems operate on 110/1/60 power

F.O.B. Point

All machines are F.O.B. Agawam, MA and will be loaded onto a customer supplied truck. The customer is responsible for all freight and rigging charges to his facility


All of these machines include a standard machine full warranty. Details will be spelled out in the machine proposal.


All of these machines include a standard new machine training package.