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The ABLE METROLOGY GROUP provides high quality, state-of-the-art measurement tools to suit your inspection requirements


WENZEL has been one of the premier names in coordinate measuring machines, gear inspection, and computed tomography since 1968.  Their WM | Quartis CMM software provides a flexible result-oriented solution to measuring even the most complex parts you manufacture.  With the support of ABLE and WENZEL, you will be assured that your metrology needs will be taken care of whenever a need arises. 

The WENZEL LH Series is the latest in high-performance bridge style CMMs.  Equipped with the latest in sensor technology and Renishaw probing systems, these systems have a variety of options to meet your accuracy needs.

These CMM’s will take your shop to the next level.  There are a variety of options to choose from depending on your exact demands.

Choose the accuracy that fits your needs:

  • Standard – Entry level for most basic measuring needs.
  • Premium – A greater emphasis on accuracy and performance
  • Premium Select – The best combination of speed and accuracy for your most critical applications.
The WENZEL XOrbit Series offers a top-quality CMM at an entry level price. Equipped with a Renishaw PH20 5-Axis probing system, 3-axis scanning, or touch trigger systems – this machine is well suited for a variety of applications including 5-axis, stampings, and tooling.

The XOrbit is available with the sensational Renishaw PH20 5 Axis Probing system. Renishaw Probing Systems let you add sensor technology as your needs change and grow.

Powerful software tools allow you to turn your results into highly visual and dynamic reports including; rich graphical plots, CAD overlays and SPC for process control. It is a flexible platform for a variety of measurement needs.

The WENZEL SF Series provides inline or nearline inspection solutions. Equipped with tactile, optical or multi-sensor systems, measure and control the scanning and testing devices our shop floor measuring machines are designed for different requirements and products.

WENZEL has invested heavily in the development of its store floor measurement systems to reduce the dependence of measurement results on, for example, temperature and dirt.

These units are ideal in automation situations and have extended temperature ranges to ensure your parts are measured accurately every time. The intelligent and compact design is suitable for a wide range of applications in the production environment, especially in the metal cutting and forming industry.



CMM Probes and Attachments

Renishaw Equator “Flexible” Gage

The Renishaw Equator can effectively replace fixed gaging at a fraction of the cost.  In addition, it is “shop floor” ready and change over to a different part is quick and easy!

The ABLE Metrology Tech Center is conveniently located in Agawam, Massachusetts. 

We encourage you to visit us to see these units in operation.  For additional information, please give us a call at 413-786-4662.